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Archery Black Bear Hunting

Archery Black Bear Hunting
big black bear killed with bow in British Columbia

Imagine stalking down a green overgrown road, wondering if your bear of a lifetime is feeding around the next corner. Glassing over many miles of alpine slides, log blocks, pristine creeks and countless meadows. This is your typical day of archery hunting spring black bear  with Total Outdoor Adventures.

Our unique habitat found in northern British Columbia offers some of the best scenic views as long with our massive black bears. Our area has vast networks of logging roads and clear cuts that gives bears the ideal food network for a hungry spring bear. In the spring, our bears are starved from their long hibernation during the winter months, they quickly clue into the large amounts of clovers, flowers and grasses found throughout the area.

Fred and his huge black bear he show with his bow!

We focus our archery black bear hunts on overgrown logging roads and the pipeline, these two spots have given us the best success in the past and offer us great stalking abilities. If your coming up to hunt with us, we recommend to practice shooting out to 60 yards, however most shots are under 30.

We also recommend using a broken up camouflage pattern such as Kuiu or Sitka. Archery black bear hunting with us offers the opportunity for multiple stalks per day including several opportunities. On average one can expect to see anywhere from 4 to 12 bears per day, and several different color phases. Approximately around half of our bears are known as color phase. To take down a bear of the size we hunt, one must come equipped with minimum 60 lb. draw and quality broad heads, we recommend to use the Rage broad heads or a fixed 3 or 4 blade broad head.
We use truck or ATV to access these areas. Once bear sign is located, glassing and still-hunting will be the most used hunting methods. This hunt is not physically demanding and offers great opportunity to all ages and abilities. Bear hunting is very social and generally more relaxing then most other hunts in British Columbia. Throughout our 3000 square mile concession there’s 4 main lodges available, from a log lodge to very remote spike camp style buildings there is plenty of area to hunt with little hunting pressure. We can customize your archery black bear hunt to fit your needs, during the spring the days are long so we only hunt during the prime hunting times starting at 1 O’clock in the evening till dark.