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Wolf, Lynx & Trapline Adventures

Wolf, Lynx & Trapline Adventures

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We offer the ultimate Winter Predator Adventure in Northern British Columbia! Hunting and Trapping Wolf, Lynx, Wolverine, Coyote, Pine Marten, River Otter, Fisher, Mink, Weasel, Red Squirrel and Fox. 

Most Clients have two primary animals that they would like to hunt “WOLF and LYNX” However; each individual animal requires a different hunting method.

Wolf hunting is not easy! With that said “preparation and patience” is the key to success. Be prepared to sit from early morning until dark (8 hours). Hunts are conducted in late January, February, and March. The Wolf mating season starts around the middle of February until the end of March and hunting wolves at this time increases success because wolves are traveling to find mates and the snowpack is high creating a demand for food which brings wolves into our established bait sites. Hunters with finally developed shooting skills, patience, determination, and mental concentration are most likely to have a successful hunt. A baited Wolf hunt is perfect for hunters of all various fitness levels and ages as travel is mostly a snow machine with optional snowshoeing. Lynx can be added on as an incidental harvest and the method used to hunt lynx on a baited wolf hunt is “calling” or on a trapline adventure.

Lynx Hunts are conducted from November December January until February 15th. The hunting method consists of, calling or looking for lynx tracks and running hounds. Hound hunting cannot be combined with Winter Wolf Hunting over baits and is only effective in November and December due to snow depths. Hound hunting is a specific method that requires time and focuses on looking for lynx tracks and focusing on running hounds. Hound hunting lynx requires hunters to be in the good physical condition as lynx tend to “jump tree” and hunters need to get to the tree as soon as possible. Wolf can be added on to a Hound hunt for Lynx as an incidental harvest just as lynx can be added on to a baited Wolf Hunt.

Trapline Trips are included in Winter Wolf Hunts or Lynx Hound Hunts and consist of checking traps throughout the trapline. While checking the traps opportunities for hunters to harvest Wolf or Lynx can present themselves. During the trapline trip if a fur-bearing animal is caught one of the following animals is included in the trapline trip, beaver, pine martin, ermine, weasel, and red squirrel. Additional furbearer pelts that are caught can be purchased.

Access throughout the area is by 4×4 trucks and snowmobiles. Accommodations are remote camps throughout our area. The camps consist of small cabins or smaller trapper-style cabins that are heated with wood stoves. In some areas, we use Pop Up Blinds and Elevated Blinds with heaters.

Hunters must be willing to be out in the cold every day and have the right clothing for the weather. We recommend having two sets of winter clothing since you will be getting wet and temperatures will consistently be below 0 Celsius.

So give us a call now at 250-421-8085 to book the WOLF, LYNX, AND TRAPLINE ADVENTURE that you’ve been dreaming about!

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