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Black Bears

Black Bears

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Black Bear Hunts in British Columbia!

If Huge Black Bears are on your Bucket List then Total Outdoor Adventures Ltd has the hunt for you! Our Black Bear Population density is one of the highest per square mile in British Columbia. Our hunting area encompasses 3,000 square miles with extremely low hunting pressure.

Since our area is located less than 400 miles from coastal British Columbia, the size and harvest rates of BIG bears are very comparable to those on the coast. The reason the bears are large is due in large part to the habitat and food supply in the area.  The area also has a high level of yearly rainfall and heavy cover resulting in an abundance of lush vegetation. Furthermore, our area has one of the highest densities of moose per square mile adding an additional food source for the bears.

The large area, combined with heavy timber, excellent food source and low hunting pressure results in bears growing to an impressive size. Most black bears harvested measure 6 plus, with many bears taken over 7’ including Boone and Crocket bears taken each season. The skull sizes vary from 18 – 20 plus. Our bears are not only big but the hide quality is exceptional.

Some hunters are fortunate to harvest some great color phase bears including cinnamon, chocolate and blonde. Our success rate is extremely high with many clients taking 2 bears. Hunters can expect to see several Black Bears on their hunt and with a very high percentage of mature boars in the population your chances of bagging a trophy are excellent.

Our black bear hunts are take place from May 1st – June 15th. We offer hunts with 2 hunters and 1 guide or 1 hunter and 1 guide.Hunts are 5 Day hunts: Monday to Friday from May 1st to June 30th.  The hunting method is spot and stalk.

If you want an added sense of adventure we also offer a hound hunt. If you have never hunted behind a pack of hounds then you haven’t lived yet. During this hunt, you will never have a dull moment and will have action quickly. We focus on harvesting big mature boars who don’t like to tree, therefore you and the houndsman will try to get ahead of the bear to get a shot crossing the road or in a big bay up. A “bay up” is when the bear is walking with the hounds circling it and isn’t moving fast, you have to be quick and quiet to get in there for a clean ethical shot.

Hunters may take a wolf and/or a second black bear for an additional fee.

So give us a call now at 250-421-8085 to book the Ultimate Black Bear hunt that you’ve been dreaming about!

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