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Lynx & Bobcat Hunts in British Columbia!

Lynx Hunts In British Columbia

Total Outdoor Adventures offers lynx hunts in central BC. We start our hunts November 9th and can hunt through until January. The hunts are 7 days and you can expect to have action every day. The area we hunt is exclusively a lynx only area, a wolf tag is included with all of our lynx hunts. Departure is between 5:30 am to 7:00 am every morning, usually we will have a track before 9:00 am and dogs will be turned out as soon as its light. Our guides live and breath hound hunting and work very hard for all of our clients. Our success is very high in the last 3 years, over 90 percent. It is not uncommon to have split races or run more than one track a day. You need to be in good shape, lynx are very cagey animals and will jump the tree if they hear you coming or take too long. Once a lynx jumps tree then it is much harder to tree again. We also run a trapline in the same area and this will be checked throughout the hunt.

So give us a call now at 250-421-8085 to book the Ultimate Lynx hunt that you’ve been dreaming about!

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