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Differences between Canadian Moose and Shiras Moose!

Differences between Canadian Moose and Shiras Moose!

At Total Outdoor Adventures we offer both Shiras moose and Canadian Moose hunts, though both are in the same family they differ greatly. If your interested hunting moose with us please carefully read through the next part, it will help you decide which moose is better for you.

Shiras Moose in British Columbia


The Shiras moose is found throughout southwest Canada and the States, it is the smallest of the 3 moose found in North America. Bulls range in size from 36” to 55” and often tip the scales at 1200 lbs.  In our southern concessions, Shiras moose bulls reside in the log blocks late season and in one of the several drainage’s found throughout the area. The moose are found in alder like country, not as thick as the area in northern Canada. Their diet consists of alder branches, grass and shrubs, moose along with the mountain goats are the only animals that do not move to wintering grounds during the winter. Shiras moose in British Columbia are often referred to the moose of the mountains, as they can be found high up in alpine slides. These moose do not enjoy swamps and water like the other species do. This is due to the lack of swamps in the habitat they’re found in.  This hunt takes place in October and early November, due to a large population the chances are high. This is a strictly spot and stalk only hunting, calling is not useful since the bulls aren’t rutting. Hunters can expect to walk from a couple hundred yards to 6 plus kilometers a day in search for a trophy Shiras moose.

Canadian Moose in British Columbia

Canadian moose are the second largest mammals of the deer family, following the Alaskan-Yukon moose. These moose are found throughout Canada, and are noticeably bigger body size and antlers respectively. Often weighing upwards of 1400 lbs and stand well over 6 foot at the shoulder. The average bull in our northern concession is 40” to 60+”.

Large Populations of Canadian Moose!

In the specific area of Northern British Columbia that we hunt, there are more moose then there are humans. This population is sustained by the year round abundance of alders and accessible swamps. Moose strive in country with lots of cover and feed and this area is filled with it. Different from the Shiras moose, Canadian moose prefer to spend the majority of their lives in the swamp. This in turn makes it a higher success rate hunt as well and easier physically. There are no big mountains to climbs nor big hikes instead one must have patience and persistence if they want to harvest a trophy quality moose. In BC we are fortunate enough to hunt Canadian moose during the rut, which take parts in the last two weeks of September and beginning of October.