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Grizzly Bear Hunting in Northern BC

Grizzly Bear Hunting in Northern BC

On the average day hunting Grizzly,  4 to 12 black bears are seen along with a 1 to 3 Grizzly bears. This is most definitely one of the most successful bear operations in all of BC, we have provided a 100% average over the years, with many of our clients harvesting a grizzly along with a trophy Black Bear.

The grizzly bear is one of the most looked upon and dangerous animals of all North America, they come out of hibernation in the early spring and feed on new grass growth found on the hillsides in our area. In the spring the bears have a thick coat, often silvertip and blonde color phases. The coat is most definitely one of the most looked upon features in a life sized mount, Northern British Columbia produces bears with much longer then average coats, due to the cold long winters.

On your grizzly bear hunt with TOA you will be staying at a newly renovated lodge with hot running water and flush toilets. Due to the remoteness of our area local hunting pressure is minimal compared to other outfits in the area. During the grizzly hunt, hunters will also encounter moose, lynx, wolf, plenty of black bears, and maybe even a wolverine. It’s recommended for all Grizzly hunters to purchase a black bear tag as well as a wolf, this holds a great opportunity and many hunters have gotten two or even three of these animals.

The hunting day is pretty relaxed while bear hunting, bears primarily move during dusk and late afternoon in our area. So the hunting day begins just after lunch. The majority of the bears are harvested along the road eating the new growth of clovers and grasses. Hunters will also expect to be doing some hiking while looking for a trophy Grizzly bear. A trophy Grizzly bear averages seven and a half feet in our area, however most of these bears have an extremely large head on them and most of our client’s trophies qualify for the Boone Crockett record book. In the past some of the bears harvested have measured over 10 feet, a monstrous bear for anywhere in the world. Bears here can attain that size due to the rapid growth of grasses in the spring, the heavy rainfall allows the berries to ripen earlier and stay longer.

The hunts in our area focus on three main areas of interest, the overgrown logging roads, the pipeline and higher elevation meadows, all three of these areas are normally covered and searched thoroughly for bear sign every day.

To take down a bruin of this size a suitable rifle and cartridge are needed, we recommend that the bullet weighs no less then 200 grains and use of high quality ammunition is used. As far as caliber goes, we like the 375 H&H, the 338. Ultra Mag or any other caliber with similar ballistics and capabilities to those. For gear choices please read our Bear Hunting Equipment List page.