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Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting with TOA.

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting with TOA.

When  Hunting  Trophy Rocky Mountain Elk with Total Outdoor Adventures in British Columbia the focus will be hunting six point elk or herd bulls. British Columbia regulations state that a hunter can only harvest an elk with a minimum of 6 points on one antler. A point is defined as being 2.5 cm long but does not exceed a width of 2.5cm.

Best times to hunt Elk!

The best time to hunt elk is in the rut and British Columbia is one of the few destinations that allows’ hunting elk in the rut with a rifle.

Archery Elk Season

The elk hunting season begins September 1st for archery elk, this is a great time for bow hunters because they are able to harvest any bull and the elk are starting to display rutting behavior and looking for cows. A great elk bow hunting technique is cow calling with the use of decoys. The Montana cow elk decoy works well this time of the year.

Rifle Elk Season

In rifle season, which begins September 10th cow calling and bugling, are affective, however decoys are usually not needed during this period.  The elk regulation then changes to a six-point rule defined above.

What to expect on your elk hunt!

A typical day elk hunting begins early in the morning 2 hours prior to daylight. Starting out with breakfast and then a packed lunch hunter’s leave for the field in the dark traveling to a hunting location. The goal is to place hunters in a prime location prior to daylight.  Hunters usually travel to hunting location by horseback or foot. Elk in the early season usually reside at higher altitudes due to the higher temperatures. It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach the mid 80’s during the early season. During this heat, the elk tend to move into the wallows, cow calling is an extremely effective technique in these conditions.

Be prepared for your hunt!

However don’t be fooled by the high temperatures, our elk hunts take place deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and the weather can change in a heartbeat. Hunters must be prepared for all weather conditions, focusing on a good quality set of rain gear and clothes appropriate to the hunt dates. A detailed Equipment List will be provided upon booking of a trophy elk hunt. As the rut continues throughout the later part of September and early October, the rutting bulls move lower in elevation. Elk in our Bull River Concession reside at altitudes of 4000 to 8500 feet. Elk throughout the season can be found bugling in high alpine bowls to chasing cows down in the river bottom.

Great Success

Hunters of all ages and fitness levels can expect high success on the elk hunts, there is nothing like having a herd of 30 elk within shooting range with several hard bugling bulls around you. It’s an experience that cannot be described but only felt.

Elk Hunting Techniques

During the morning the guide will use his experience and knowledge of the area to try to get a legal bull into shooting range. Our guides use a variety of techniques while hunting elk; these include spot and stalk, calling and use of the tree stands. Hunters can expect to stay in the mountains all day, elk have been killed throughout the day and no time is a bad time. During the rut elk are active bugling and chasing cows in clearings throughout the day. The evening hunt is conducted in the same manner as the morning hunt; hunters will hunt till end of legal shooting light and be coming out in the dark.  Some of our guides prefer to stay on the mountain in one of our 9 spike camps spread throughout the 1200 miles of terrain available, hunters can also expect to stay in a tent or under a tarp depending on conditions and elk movement.

So if a Trophy Elk Hunt is in your future give us a call and we can get started planing your perfect elk hunt!